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CODE. Description. PER ITEM. TOTAL
02-LC2Blouse (simple design) - Short sleeves$2.50$00.00
03-LC2ABlouse (simple design) - Long sleeves$3.00$00.00
04-LC4Dress (Fancy/intricate design)$6.50$00.00
05-LC5Dress (Plain)$5.50$00.00
06-LC6Ladies Jacket$4.50$00.00
07-LC7Ladies Jeans$3.70$00.00
08-LC8Ladies Jumpers$2.70$00.00
09-LC9Ladies Shorts (Plain)$2.50$00.00
10-LC10Ladies Shorts - knee length$2.70$00.00
11-LC11Skirt (Plain)$3.30$00.00
12-LC12Skirt (Uniform)$3.70$00.00
13-LC13Skirts (Pleated and intricate design)$4.50$00.00
14-LC14Ladies Slack Trousers$3.70$00.00
15-LC15aLadies T Shirt Short Sleeves$2.40$00.00
15-LC15bLadies T Shirts Long Sleeves$2.70$00.00
16-LC16Ladies Tracksuit$2.50$00.00
01-LC1Blouse (Intricate Design) (Long / Short Sleevs)$4.50$00.00
17-P1Pyjama Top (Men & Women)$2.40$00.00
18-P1Pyjama Pants (Men & Women)$2.40$00.00
20-CH1Children's shirt, t-shirt and shorts (up to 5 yrs)$1.70$00.00
21-CH2Children's School Uniform (Dress or Shirt Long Sleeves)$2.70$00.00
22-CH5Children's Dress $3.00$00.00
23-CH6Children's Regular Shirt and T-shirt (up to Sz8)*$2.00$00.00
24-CH8Children's Regular Shirt and T-shirt (over Sz8)*$2.20$00.00
25-CH7Children's Regular Short (up to Sz8)*$2.00$00.00
26-CH9Children's Regular Short (over Sz8)*$2.20$00.00
27-CH10Children's Regular Long Pants (up to Sz8)*$2.20$00.00
28-CH11Children's Regular Long Pants (over Sz8)*$2.70$00.00
29-CH3Children's Uniform (Shirt - boys & girls)$2.20$00.00
30-CH4Children's Uniform (Short - boys & girls)*$2.20$00.00
31-M1Men's Jacket$4.20$00.00
32-M10AMen's Jeans$3.70$00.00
33-M2Men's Jumpers$3.00$00.00
34-M3Men's Shirt - Business long sleeves$3.00$00.00
35-M4Men Business Shirt - short sleeves$2.50$00.00
36-M5Men's Shorts$2.50$00.00
37-M6Men's Shorts (Knee length)$2.70$00.00
38-M7Men's T Shirt (Short Sleeves)$2.40$00.00
39-M7AMen's T-Shirts (Long Sleeves)$3.00$00.00
40-M8Men's Tracksuit$2.50$00.00
41-M9Men's Trousers$3.70$00.00
42-LIN1Bed sheet - Double$8.20$00.00
43-LIN2Bed sheet - Double bed fitted$9.50$00.00
44-LIN9Bed sheet - Queen (fitted)$10.50$00.00
45-LIN1ABed sheet - Queen (flat)$9.20$00.00
46-LIN3Bed sheet - Single$5.00$00.00
47-LIN4Bed sheet - single fitted sheet$6.20$00.00
48-LIN5ADoona cover - Queen$11.50$00.00
49-LIN5Doona cover - double$10.50$00.00
50-LIN6Doona cover - single$7.50$00.00
51-LIN7Pillow case*$1.70$00.00
52-LIN8Table Cloth$5.20$00.00
53-EX01Clothes Hangers$1.00$00.00
54-EX02Kitchen Towel/Towel Napkin$1.70$00.00
52-LIN9Table Cloth small$3.20$00.00
Pickup and Drop Service
55-PICKUPPick Up$5.00$00.00

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